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Integration for Paylike Platforms

If you haven’t already read our documentation, please see:


It’s essential that you only create merchants with your Partner app or user. Begin by creating an app and sending the app ID (not the key, this is a “secret”) to your contact person at Paylike to have it set up as a Partner app. If you also wish to be able to create merchants via the Paylike dashboard, include the emails or user IDs you wish to set up as Partner users.

Merchants are identified by the app or user that has created it, so if you don't create a merchant with your Partner app or user, the merchant will not be assigned to your Paylike Platform account. In the case you accidentally create a merchant with another app or user, let us know, and we can manually assign it to your Paylike Platform account.

Setting up merchants

For most setups, you need to create one merchant per business accepting payments. If the business wishes to hold their balance in more than one currency or on more than one website, you need to create one merchant per combination of business, account currency and website.

Once the merchant has been created, your customer can accept payments, and you can authorize, capture, refund and void transactions on their behalf, however, the merchant can’t receive payouts to their bank account before Paylike has approved them.


Creating transactions

It’s imperative that you implement support for 3-D Secure as it will be required from September 2019 due to the new PSD2 directive.

Payment form 3-D Secure built in? PCI requirements Error handling built in?
Popup (Example, docs) Yes Minor Yes
Embedded form for web (docs) No Minor No
Direct gateway integration (docs) No Major No

Our recommendation is to initiate the integration with our popup as it has been thoroughly tested, limits PCI requirements, handles errors and natively supports 3-D Secure.

Recurring transactions and subscriptions

For creating recurring transactions, our recommendation is not to use our “save card” function, but follow this guide for recurring payments.

Managing transactions

Via our API, you can fully manage the transactions, doing everything:

Approval for payouts

We offer a few different ways of finalizing the merchant account for receiving payouts. In general, we recommend that you invite the user to their Paylike merchant account and instructs them to submit their bank account and business information via our dashboard:

Once you’ve invited a user, they receive an email with login instructions. Hereafter, the user can fill in our intuitive form with their IBAN as well as information and documentation about their company, director(s) and beneficial owners.

Read more about account approvals here.

In case Paylike requires more information, you or the user will receive an email to either submit further information via the Paylike dashboard or to reply to the email.

In case you have a larger volume of customers onboarding with Paylike, you can consider embedding our account information form directly in your service, however, this requires substantial development efforts.


The account statement can be accessed via the Paylike dashboard, which can be downloaded in CSV, Excel or PDF-format or you can pull the account statement (lines) directly from our API and present it to the business on your platform.


If you have any questions about integrating with Paylike Platforms, get in touch.