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Website/app requirements

The following has to be easily located and clearly explained on your website or in your app:

  • Company name, address and registration number
  • Contact details, minimum a customer service e-mail (phone number is optional but encouraged)
  • Products, pricing, shipping, and return information
  • Terms and conditions
  • Privacy policy (ensure to include Paylike)
  • After completing a purchase on the website, the customer must be presented with a receipt
  • Visa and Mastercard logos (included in the Paylike plug ‘n’ play popup)
  • SSL is required for the payment page (and we encourage you to use it for the whole website)

All of the above must comply with the law. Your customers can not have lesser rights than those established by the law.

If you are running a subscription based service or product your customers must be fully aware of what they have signed up for and how to cancel the subscription. It must be just as easy to cancel the subscription as it was to sign up for it.