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Payment links

Payment links are the simplest way to accept payments made with Visa, Mastercard or Maestro cards. The feature is available directly on the Paylike dashboard.

It takes less than a minute to generate one and you can instantly accept credit card transactions with it. Send it to your customers e.g. via email and get paid without any integration!

Payment link popup

You can choose any currency, provide your own reference and text shown on the payment page along with the page URL you want to redirect your customers after a completed transaction. You will receive the amount directly to your Paylike account after a successful transaction.

On the Paylike dashboard, click on the payment link icon to open the payment link form.

Create a new payment link

You can choose one of the 153 available currencies that you want to receive the payment in. Give the reference you want to present to your customer and the text shown on the payment page. Finally, you can provide the page's URL, that you want your customers to be redirected to after the transaction.

Fill in the payment link form

You are now ready to accept payments through the payment link. Copy the automatically generated URL at the bottom of the page and present it to your customers. The transactions made with it will arrive directly to your Paylike account.

Copy the payment link and present it to your customers

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