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Dynamic descriptor

The descriptor is the text that your customer sees on their bank account statement.

The more recognisable your descriptor is, the less risk you have of receiving disputes (e.g. chargebacks).

The descriptor can be up to 22 characters long and dynamically set on both an authorization and a capture to include e.g. an order number for improved customer service and recognisability.

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In the case that you have a shoe shop based in London, United Kingdom, named CoolSnicks Ltd, the descriptor could be the shop name followed by the order ID:

CoolSnicks Ltd #2211

Some of the descriptor can not be set dynamically for each transaction, but is pulled from your account:

City, Country

A full descriptor in the above case will be:

CoolSnicks Ltd #2211 London, United Kingdom

Most banks will show the full descriptor, but some show less of the descriptor on the cardholder's account statement.

If no dynamic descriptor is set, we will automatically use your account descriptor.