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Proof of address: Verification of your management and owners private home addresses

As part of Paylike's obligation to be compliant with European Anti-money laundering laws, we must do what is called “Know Your Customer”, often shortened “KYC”.

One of the things we are required to, is to verify who the management and owners of your business is which includes verifying their home address.

Submitting a proof of address

You must add a proof of address for each individual (e.g. owner or director) you add on your application. Mark the uploaded document as a proof of address. If the proof of address also serves as the photo ID, then mark it as a photo ID as well.

Valid types of address verifications

  1. Must be valid and issued within the last 12-months (in the case of an identity card it must not be expired)
  2. Must be in JPG or PDF format, in colour and readable
  3. Must have been issued by a third-party
  4. The full name of the individual matching the address on your application
  5. The full address of the individual matching the address on your application
  6. Have clear information about the third-party that issued the document
  7. Be in one of the following languages: Danish, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish or Swedish.

The below are all valid types of documents:

Type Example
Identity card E.g. your drivers license, national ID or health insurance card
Letter from the government E.g. a notice on tax payment
Utility bill Electricity, water, gas or oil
Bank statement E.g. confirmation of your account

Approved document types per country

The below are document types we have already validated. If the document you have available is not on the list but complies with the document requirements you can use that.


  • Sygesikringskort (healt insurance card, yellow card)


  • Lakcímet igazoló hatósági igazolvány


  • Zgoda na pobyt tolerowany


  • Cartão do Cidadão


  • Carte de identitate (Identity card)


  • Občiansky preukaz


  • Dovoljenje za prebivanje


  • Uppehållskort

United Kingdom

  • Driving license